Costa Rica: Puntarenas; Hilton Doubletree

Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Hilton Doubletree

Puntarenas is conveniently located just west of San Jose, Costa Rica right on the beach, making it a popular weekend get a way for the locals.

Downtown Puntarenas is not a place to shy away from. One can get the experience of what life was like in a small fishing village to now a modern port transferring goods all the way to the capital.

Costa Rica is not that old of a country and most of the country lacks that old style spaniard architecture.

Expect for this port where one can find museums telling about the history of the area, the old rail way cars that transported all of the goods from one coastline to the other and one of the oldest churches in Costa Rica.

This church is unique from every other church in Costa Rica because it faces west. Almost all of your Catholic churches are built facing East, the direction in which the sun rises. This custom dates back thousands of years.

However this church breaks all of the rules. Locals say that the church was built facing the way the town was being built, others say their was a fire and for reasons unknown it had to be constructed facing west, while others say it faces the sea to watch the sunsets. For whatever reason, this church and area makes for an interesting trip down memory lane.

Puntarenas is one of the oldest and most important ports in all of Costa Rica, where the history of the country is at its richest.

Natives have been living in the area for over 3,000 years benefiting greatly from the abundant natural resources and fertile fishing grounds.

The old pier and local fish market still play a heavy economic role in the area.

For centuries, Puntarenas was the end of “La Carreratera”, the old ox and wagon trail where the farmers from the mountains and San Jose would trek their goods, especially coffee beans, down the mountainous trail in long caravans to the port to be exported.

Those colorful wagons that you see in about every Hispanic restaurant throughout the United States are replicas of the carts that were used on this trail.

The Hilton Doubletree offers a quick escape for the people from San Jose to come to and relax for the weekend and holidays. Even though the beaches here are not your crystal clear waters like in other places, there is still a lot to do and see at this port city.

The Doubletree is one of the largest resorts in all of Costa Rica. Four different pools offer people of different ages from children, families, and couples to enjoy themselves in different areas.

Live music is played and multiple pool games are constantly being enjoyed.

Several restaurants offer buffet style food, private reservation dining, to late night snacks.

Beach activities include volleyball, soccer games, kayaking, body surfing, wake boarding and fishing.

The Doubletree has their very own pier that offers and area to get a way from it all to enjoy the birds, sea, boats in the distance and the sunset which can light up the bay in brilliant different colors.

The Hilton Hotels here in Costa Rica have something that is unique from other hotels, all inclusive food and drinks, from natural juices to exotic cocktails.

So what is the Hilton Doubletree? It is one of the largest resorts in Costa Rica offering an escape for the locals from the chaotic schedule of the cities, letting travelers enjoy the historical rich areas of the city while relaxing amongst the many pools and activities that the resort has to offer.

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