Costa Rica: Punta Leona, Hotel & Club Punta Leona

Punta Leona, Costa Rica
Punta Leona Hotel & Club

Punta Leona is located on the Pan American Highway on the west coast of Costa Rica. Traveling to Punta Leona is relatively easy from San Jose only being around two hours from the capital and there is plenty to see and do on the way.

The Tarcoles River is home to some of the largest crocodiles in all of the Americas. These crocs can be seen bathing in the sun on the banks just below the bridge. Trust me, this is not a bridge that you want to fall off of.

Reaching up to 15 feet in length, many of these crocs have become accustomed to people throwing food off of the bridge for the crocodiles to fight over to eat. If a person would fall the crocs wouldn’t even hesitate, you would be their next meal on probably be on national news.

This arial view allows the spectators to be able to see the complete length of these massive prehistoric creatures in the water, something that is difficult to see by land.

Punta Leona Hotel & Club is just a few short miles from the bridge where this place at times appears like a theme park. Punta Leona is more than just a hotel, here people can rent out condos, buy houses, camp in some areas or stay in the hotel where the rooms are bungalow style surrounded by jungle.

This club has two beaches, restaurants, bars, a supermarket, pools, tennis courts, a basketball court and of course a soccer field. Punta Leona can feel like a small town at times while also having their own church, canopy tour and their own butterfly garden.

Playa blanca is the classical white sand, clear water beach that is tucked away between two cliffs. This isolated beach is a slice of heaven containing palm trees that reach out to the ocean and offering sunsets theat glisten off of the clear ocean water making it difficult to tell where the ocean ends and the sky begins.

Playa (….) is a great place where the locals come to cook out on the beach, listen to music to relax and fish. This beach is a great place to get to know the locals and learn some interesting facts about the Costa Rican lifestyle.

While enjoying your meal at the local restaurant, it is common to see a family of 20 some Pizotes, which appear like a blend between an anteater and your American style raccoon.

Throughout the grounds White Faced Monkeys can be heard and seen in the trees above. These marvelous animals are a joy to watch swinging from branch to branch in the trees just above your own bungalow.

Many different types of birds, butterflies, parrots and toucans can be seen soaring in the sky and perched in the trees above making it a great place for bird watchers and photographers to come and visit.

So what is Punta Leona Hotel & Club? It is a variety of places to stay ranging from bungalows to condos while offering fun activities, beautiful beaches, great canopy tours and exotic wildlife.

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